14 September, 2009

The Dream Rocket

The Dream Rocket

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This is an exciting project, an opportunity through a realized dream of the International Fiber Collective, a group in which I participate. I invite you to check out their site, and the past two projects -- the Gas Station Wrap (very cool!!) and the Community Tree Display (many countries and states were involved in both!).

This year's project is the Dream Rocket. I will be submitting a panel. Please click on the title of this post OR go visit the International Fiber Collective site to get more exciting information! And for my student readers -- this opportunity is available for a GREAT school project (suggest to your teachers and get some extra grade points)!!

08 September, 2009


I met with Gwen Dixie today, an absolutely wonderful woman who is in charge of scheduling exhibits at the Dallas Main Library. She gave me the dates of March 2, 2010, through April 30, 2010. I'm quite excited! Now, back to work!!