01 November, 2008

More Than Just A Pretty Bunny...!

In addition to traditional quilting, art quilting, surface embroidery, counted thread techniques and many other types of needlework, I also do some types of mending and completions. Many times someone will have an heirloom piece that needs just a few final touches which were never added. In this case, the above picture illustrates those final touches. So, she's more than just a pretty bunny...

She's also a just-completed job! Meet Miss Bunny, the treasure of a neighbor of mine. She had no face, and the fastenings had come off the back of her smock. Poor Miss Bunny needed some real help!

Miss Bunny's eyes were done in sepia brown backstitch, with salmon pink French knots for the centers. Her nose is chainstitched in black, approximately 12 stitches to the inch to be dense enough yet provide some dimension. I am fortunate to have some of my grandmother's sewing stash, courtesy of my wonderful mother, so I used three tiny snap fixtures which fitted perfectly with the ambience of the whole doll. And, she is seated on one of my Texas Iron heart-backed cafe chairs for her "photo session"!

I'm in the middle of finishing a slew of projects slated to be done by Thanksgiving. So please stay tuned and come back soon for more pix and posts!


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, when my soon to be 30 year old daughter was about the size of Miss Bunny, I made her a Miss Bunny just like this one.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your comment...Miss Bunny was a joy to work on!!